The Worst Class You’ll Ever Dread Teaching

The draft of this post was written last Saturday night. I delayed posting it until I could finish and edit it. Is it too soon into the reincarnation of the blog to post about something that’s just made me cry? Maybe–yet here I am, six hours before I have to wake up again to begin…

October 2015 Goals

Before each month I set three Goals for myself to complete by the end of the month. These goals are things that make me happy, that I’ve intended to do, but needed that extra little push to get started on. The Monthly Goals are not to guilt myself into doing administrative duties that I’ve been putting…

Merry Christmas From On the Road

I’m writing this on the 4000 Islands in southern Laos. It must be one of those backpacking catch-22s that where there’s fast Wi-Fi, you’ll be too busy doing non-computery things, and where things are a little slower and you actually want to be reliably connected, the Internet is for shit. That, plus a little…encounter that…

Blog Name Change

The title of the post speaks for itself. Everything in 40 Litres is now… Stephanie in Wanderland Real post coming soon, I promise!

…Aaaaand We’re Back

Remember that time last year (wow, was it really only a year ago) when I said that I’d be doing some heavy long-term traveling? Remember when I, bright-eyed and already headlong into traveling, decided to start a travel blog with big ambitions? Lots has changed since then, hasn’t it.