A person can spend her whole life learning how to describe herself in 500 words or less (and yet this is basically what colleges ask of 18-year-olds. Huh). So please forgive the constant work in progress here.

Inwangsan, Seoul, South Korea, March 2014.
Inwangsan, Seoul, South Korea, March 2014.

Hi, I’m Steph, a Taiwanese American girl who spent most of the first 22 years of her life in the northeast U.S. I grew up on a diet of Studio Ghibli movies and L. M. Montgomery books, an unexpectedly compatible combination that explains the deeply idealistic and romantic core of me even as I enjoy making lists and organizing everything that I can safely claim as my own. The library was my second home, journal-writing my bedtime lullaby.

Unsurprisingly, writing has always been the intended theme of my life. In college I started and ran the book blog Steph Su Reads, which at the height of its popularity drew 6,000-8,000 unique visitors per month. However, my desire to travel developed much more recently, my Emersonian tendency to romanticize nature and wandering notwithstanding.

For me, writing and travel are intertwined. I write to unknot my buzzing tangle of thoughts; I travel to strip away the nonessentials so that, finally, I am left with with the scariest, most confounding, and purest essence of me, of why and how I am to live my life.

I have worked as a college consultant in China and an English teacher/librarian in South Korea, and am currently an English teacher in Hanoi, Vietnam. I’m passionate about a lot of nerdy, grandma-esque things that are sometimes at odds with my expatriate lifestyle, including but not limited to: books, music, hiking, solitude, snail mail, curriculum development, and teacher training.

For more details, please see my introductory post, thanks!


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