A Backpacker’s Worst Nightmare

When you’re traveling, how actively should you be thinking about your safety? On your adventure, your sense of self-preservation will simultaneously be heightened and stunted. Stumbling dazed off an eight-hour bus and into the hands of eager tuk-tuk drivers; sleeping in the same room with different strangers every night; choosing food off a strange menu and hoping…

Bangkok: The Gateway into Southeast Asia

Most people start their SEA backpacking adventure in Bangkok. Why? It’s got the best international flight connections on the SEA “mainland,” and if you’ve never been to Asia, Bangkok is a good place to get your bearings, as you are able to adjust to the chaotic streets while still enjoying a modern and English-speaking city….

How long does it take to prepare for travel, anyway?

A year? Six months? Two months? One? A week? A day? Much like how different people plan for things in different ways, preparing for extended traveling is the same. Some people can–and do–plan for their trip a year in advance, yet never feel as if they’re totally ready. Other people seem to have the inhuman…

Why I Want to Travel

I should have expected it–but I didn’t. The first relative I saw in person after I announced my decision to leave South Korea and do some long-term traveling asked The Question: “Why do you want to do this?” Can a question be simpler, yet less unanswerable? 

How to Spend a Long Weekend in Seoul

Like any other international metropolis, Seoul eludes full understanding. You could live here your whole life and still not see everything. When visiting, it takes at least a week to catch the rhythm of the city, at least two to start feeling as if you can manage yourself here. But what do you do when…